Monday, 16 March 2009

Paula Murray's booze shame

Sorry to keep banging on about this Express story, but Paula Murray really is the git that keeps on giving. Via the ever-excellent Tim at Bloggerheads: Paula Murray, drunken hack, mocks dead and makes light of underage drinking. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to read that and witness the boozy photos and drunken status updates.

When this story broke, I went looking for Murray's Facebook profile, on the off-chance that she might have been so mind-numbingly stupid as to have left pictures of herself boozing on there. My ninja Facebook skillz are somewhat lacking, it seems, and I turned up nothing, but the wait has proved worth it, because Tim has struck absolute journalistic hypocrisy gold. Seriously, the quality of the 'pwnage' here is extraordinary. To recap, Paula Murray, the journalist who wrote the now-infamous story chastising Dunblane survivors for 'boast[ing] of drunken nights out' uses her Facebook as a repository for drinking photos (including one of her making a SICK GAG about introducing a CHILD to drink) in the exact same way as everyone else on the planet. This is the equivalent of me having a go at people for having a liberal and slightly sanctimonious media-watching blog, or being in a largely unregarded one-man bedroom post-rock band.


  1. What do you call yourself when you play as a largely unregarded one-man bedroom post-rock band?

  2. It's linked on the sidebar there, under 'Other things I do', but and also

  3. 1. Thank you.


    2. An anonymous contributor brought the evidence to my attention, so I can't take all the credit.

    3. I generally avoid Facebook, so I could be wrong about this, but you may not have been able to find it because Paula (who is originally Finnish) lists herself under 'Finland' and not the UK. Possibly out of a hypocritical desire for privacy, but just as likely because (and her employers might want to have a word with her about this, even though she is an acceptable shade of pink) she is not acclimatising as all immigants should.

  4. I don't think I researched it terribly far, I just put her name in Facebook and no-one from Scotland came up immediately so I moved on, I figured I most likely wouldn't be able to access her account, and in any case I'd already found that interview where she talks about having to save stories for Sunday so no-one else nicks them. I thought I was being dead clever with the gag about her picking a story no-one else would touch, and then I realised it was obvious and at least two other bloggers had the same idea independently.

    Your blog is awesome, by the way, the Jenvey story keeps getting better and better. I meant to say thanks as well for linking to me on your blog, I got a nice upturn in traffic from that. :)

  5. Just saw the apology in the Sunday Express via a link on twitter. Commenting is not allowed on this story.... hmm......